Custom Morocco Tours

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With Custom Morocco Tours  our expert crew create an unique tour of Morocco customized to your very own budgets and interests! 

Mouhou Tours have been customizing private tours of Morocco since 2008. As an independent family business, we understand that your group is unique, and your tour of Morocco should be too. Let us know what you have in mind, and we will plan a bespoke vacation customized for you personally.

Custom morocco tours

” Henna ” is a popular tradition in Morocco worn by women of all ages .

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  1. Shahromey Bakri

    Hi! My wife and I are planning to spend about ONE week in Morocco. We will be travelling from Spain and plan to visit Chefchaouen, Fez and of course, Marrakech.

    We are interested in wandering around the medinas, experiencing the culture (e.g. staying in riads, interacting with the locals), admiring natural wonders, taking camel rides, staying in the desert and maybe even taking a hot air balloon ride.

    We are a Muslim couple celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and intend to experience Morocco for the first time. We would like to know the islamic side of Morocco and also experience the local culture. We’d like a bit of adventure and take camel rides in the desert, staying in the desert and admire the night skies and the setting / rising sun. We would like a hot air balloon ride. We enjoy a bit of trekking to enjoy the natural beauty and landscape. And of course we would like to do a bit of shopping at the famed medinas! We read in other itineraries about visiting some ancient Roman ruins… we are not very keen on this type of activity!

    We intend to leave Morocco from Marrakech.

    We will be coming in from Spain on 9 Sep 2017 and plan to fly off from Marrakech on 16 Sep 2017.

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