Shared Desert Tours Marrakech – A life changing experience !

Why Shared Desert Tours Marrakech? A vast landscape filled with infinite sand dunes is what comes to mind while thinking of Sahara desert. The sense of serenity of Sahara is so enormous that it goes on till the eyes can see it and can not be experienced anywhere else. Its glory and magic can only be experienced to the utmost fulfillment from one of the best places like Morocco. Sahara Desert Tours can offer excellent services for people willing to visit Sahara.

Why Shared Desert Tours Marrakech?


Why Shared Desert Tours Marrakech?

A trip to Morocco isn’t complete without a desert experience, Everybody wants to ride the camels, to see the sunset, sunrise and the stars. But the Private desert tour is out of the budget to some people such students, Single person etc.

So, Shared Desert Tour is the Solution!

There are hundreds of shared desert trips organizers, In Marrakech, it’s easy to find a shared desert excursion through the internet or even in the street, but the problem is the services.

Many people they had a really terrible desert experience with a shared desert trip, the most of the company or the organizers of the Shared desert trips are offering that trip with a very cheap cost 75€-90€ per person with a group of MAX 17-20 People.

Some Problems that you may find when you go for a Marrakech shared desert trip with a big group and with a company that has no reviews on TripAdvisor, Fodor’s or Lonelyplanet:

  1. A Car or Minivan without AC.
  2. The driver doesn’t speak your language.
  3. Many stops for shopping.
  4. Bad Accommodation or with low services.
  5. Sexual harassment by Driver, Guide or Camel tour guide.

And many problems … Chech out google there are a lot of Blog post’s, Forums, and reviews about the bad experience with Big group tours, We leave a link below for you to read a blog post about a bad desert experience that happened to Allison ( A American travel blogger ), Sahara Desert Tour: The Good, the Bad, the WTF?.




We decided to start organizing a new and rare type of Shared desert tours with the suitable prices because we received and we still receiving messages from many people asking about the small group desert tour. The Small group tour or as we love to call it PRIVATE GROUP TOUR is our new way to organize the shared desert tours with great services.

Our PRIVATE GROUP TOUR will host 6-8 People each tour, and you’ll have a private room/tent and you’ll be in safe hands with Experienced driver multi languages speakers and Local Camel tour guide with Large experience.

What our travelers have in common is the passion for experiencing the vast diversity of our planet’s scenery, history, and culture while traveling with a group of like-minded people. Our Morocco desert group tours are made up of people of different nationalities, and from different countries, providing the fun opportunity to meet new people while exploring the new destination. If you crave regular holidays full of fun, adventure and cultural experiences, our Shared desert tours from Marrakech are designed to provide all these and more.


At Mouhou Tours Company, we offer 3 days Shared Marrakech desert tours Max 6-8 People with departures from Marrakesh to Merzouga Erg Chebbi desert tour with a good value, exciting small group adventure tours, giving you the ability to travel, have fun as well and take in the culture and sights of one of the world’s most exotic and exciting destinations.


  1. 150€ Euros per person Tour From Marrakech to Merzouga and Back ( 3 Days & 2 Nights ).
  2. 200 Euros per person A trip from Marrakech to Fez Via Merzouga ( 3 Days & 2 Nights ).
  3. 200 Euros per person Marrakech to Merzouga desert ( 4 Days & 3 Nights ).


DATE: 5 JAN 8 JAN 10 JAN 15 JAN 20 JAN 30 JAN
AVAILABILITY: Fully-Booked Fully-Booked Fully-Booked 6 Seats 6 Seats 4 Seats
DATE: 5 FEB 8 FEB 14 FEB 17 FEB 20 FEB 25 FEB
AVAILABILITY: 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 4 Seats 6 Seats
MARCH 2018*
DATE: 4 MAR 13 MAR 19 MAR 15 MAR 29 MAR 30 MAR
AVAILABILITY: 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats
APRIL 2018*
DATE: 3 APR 7 APR 11 APR 16 APR 22 APR 30 APRR
AVAILABILITY: 2 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats
MAY 2018*
DATE: 7 MAY 12 MAY 16 MAY 21 MAY 23 MAY 29 MAY
AVAILABILITY: 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats
JUNE 2018*
DATE: 4 JUN 10 JUN 14 JUN 20 JUN 24 JUN 30 JUN
AVAILABILITY: 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats
JULY 2018*
DATE: 2 JUL 6 JUL 12 JUL 15 JUL 25 JUL 31 JUL
AVAILABILITY: 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats
AUGUST 2018*
DATE: 2 AUG 7 AUG 10 AUG 17 AUG 20 AUG 28 AUG
AVAILABILITY: 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats
DATE: 3 SEP 9 SEP 11 SEP 18 SEP 20 SEP 28 SEP
AVAILABILITY: 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats
DATE: 5 OCT 8 OCT 14 OCT 17 OCT 20 OCT 24 OCT
AVAILABILITY: 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats
DATE: 5 NOV 8 NOV 10 NOV 15 NOV 20 NOV 31 NOV
AVAILABILITY: 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats
DATE: 5 DEC 8 DEC 14 DEC 17 DEC 20 DEC 25 DEC
AVAILABILITY: 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats 6 Seats


Tour Booking :

For pricing or more information, please contact us and don’t forget to tell us about The number of persons in your group and The exact dates of the tour We will get back to you with more details as soon as possible !

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